How to choose your karting protections: rib protector and neck brace

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How to choose your karting protections: rib protector and neck brace

During a karting session, it is not impossible to suffer a shock when you come into contact with a track separation or another driver. It is therefore important to protect yourself with, for example, a neck brace and a rib guard.
Except for the track of Karting Eupen, few circuits offer these protections. Therefore, after buying a helmet, these are the first items you should think about.

The karting rib protector

The purpose of this protection is, as its name indicates, to protect the ribs of the driver during a collision. It is not impossible that the kart is suddenly stopped during a collision resulting in a sudden movement of the body towards the steering wheel or the edge of the kart. The ribs may be affected at this time. The use of a rib guard will greatly reduce the power of the impact and thus reduce the risk of injury.


It is also important to note that the rib guard is not a hindrance to the rider. It will not hinder his movements and therefore will not reduce the performance of driving.


On Racing Fashion, we sell 3 different brands:


Alpinestars: the Bionic Rib available in adult and child. With its system of attachment in D, this one will not wear out in the time

FreeM : our bestseller, available in adult and child size. In terms of components, you will find it either in aluminum or in Carbon for more lightness.

Sparco : The newborn of the band with the Pro K7


These three brands ensure comfort and optimal protection.


The neck brace


The neck brace is used to protect the neck of the pilot in case of shock or projection of the head following an impact. With a neck brace, the G-force absorbed will be partially reduced. Without an approved neck brace, the pilot can be injured by the intensity of the impact. It is therefore highly recommended to get one.

In addition, unlike a medical neck brace, this one leaves you free to move so that you can easily turn your head.


Here, we propose you two brands:


Sparco: which offers the same type of neck brace for many years and is a bestseller in the sector. Available in both child and adult sizes

Alpinestars: has developed 2 types of neck brace but only for children. One with a foam material that protects perfectly at low cost (available in 2 sizes). The other one is made of hard plastic for a lighter weight and a longer life (yellow or black)


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